What is Manitoba 511?

Manitoba 511 is a free traveller information service, operated by the Government of Manitoba, that may be accessed via phone, mobile device or computer. Users within Manitoba may access the information via phone toll-free by simply calling 5-1-1, similar to the way they would call 9-1-1 for emergencies or 4-1-1 for directory assistance. Computer and mobile device users may also visit the Manitoba 511 web site at www.manitoba511.ca. Having both phone-in and web site components ensures Manitoba 511 is available to the widest range of users. Manitoba 511 is part of a North American approach to providing weather and traveller information.

Is this service accessible in every region of Manitoba?

Yes. All you have to do is call 511 for free, instant access or go online at www.manitoba511.ca

What kind of information can I get from Manitoba 511?

Manitoba 511, which you can access by telephone, smart phone and on the web, is the only official source of transportation information necessary to plan safe trips across Manitoba. It is also the place to report weather conditions or an incident on Manitoba’s major highways.

If I have a breakdown or an emergency on the highway, can I call Manitoba 511 for assistance?

Call 911 for any emergency.

Where does the information provided on Manitoba 511 come from?

Highway maintenance staff across the province regularly update the information provided through Manitoba 511.

How much will it cost me to call Manitoba 511?

If you are in Manitoba, use of the Manitoba 511 service is free.

Is it permissible to consult Manitoba 511 while driving?

Yes, so long as you are using a hands-free telephone device and the voice-activated 511 function. The use of hand-held devices with a telephone function, such as cell phones or smart phones (for example, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.), is prohibited when driving. Distracted driving legislation is in effect in Manitoba.

How can I obtain information on the condition of a highway, such as winter road conditions, in neighbouring provinces?

Links to neighbouring road report information are on the Manitoba 511 website. The 511 telephone component also provides road information contact numbers for other areas.